Maria Rowley
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern


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Pain, anxiety, depression, a loss of hope, a diminished sense of purpose, teen and parenting challenges are all difficult to manage on our own. Everyone of us needs help along the way. Therapy can help you; understand and manage your emotions, build and maintain healthy boundaries and relationships, heal from past hurts or traumas, deal with feelings of inadequacy, shame or rejection, forgive yourself and others. Therapy can help If you are a teen who feels like you have to struggle on your own or a teen parent who does not understand what is going on with your teen or how to communicate with them.

Often our pain is an invitation to a new way, a better way. Therapy is a bridge to that new and better way. Brain science proves that our brains can change. We do not have to stay the same. I am here to HELP you find HOPE and CHANGE. 

You and your story are unique; so our work together will begin with me just listening to you, getting to know you. Doing so will allow me to begin to "see" things that you may not be able to see yourself. We then move forward to your goals: What you want to work on; What you hope will change. Each session yields new insights and change. 

I am a straightforward, trustworthy, hopeful and, above all, a loving person. I care deeply about each of my clients. I want what is best for you! At painful times in my life I have sought individual, couple and family counseling and have benefitted immensely. I have been married for 29 years, have two young adult sons and a dog and love being outside. 

I earned my Masters in Counseling - Marriage, Couple and Family from Messiah University. I also have a Masters in Health and Fitness from American University.

If faith or spirituality is important to you, our work together can integrate that into the counseling process. As a person of faith myself, I believe that mental health and spiritual health are inextricably linked-the one supporting the other. But I will not impose what I believe on you. Counseling is about you, your beliefs and values. I get the opportunity to help you find or deepen these beliefs and values.

Now is the time for a new beginning! Please contact me for a free 15-minute consultation.

What our clients have to say

"This experience has been a life-changing journey. So compassionate and caring. I have been made aware of hidden conflicts which were, up until now, bothering me and hindering my life and thoughts!!!"