John "Jack" Jones

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As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator, Collaborative Family Law Practitioner, and a Ph.D. candidate in conflict resolution, I specialize in family discord including high-conflict divorce and parenting coordination cases. However, my deepest passion is expanding consciousness in individuals/youth, families/couples, and social systems using science and spirituality to awaken a deeper, more satisfying experience of reality. Psychological and drug testing can be used to support the resolution. Our group practice is regularly recognized as one of St Augustine's Best Counselors, and again in 2022.

An eclectic mix of trauma-informed cognitive behavior therapy; reality, integral, and interpersonal therapies; and, hypnosis are tailored to you. A growth mindset is needed for radical acceptance and understanding conflict, change, and betrayal are always co-created for growth. If we accept that "we create our own reality," we can certainly re-create it too.

Building genuine connection can have its painful and regressive moments often demanded by a controlling ego. Through a stimulating journey of mutual growth, we enlighten each other and then our families and co-conspirators. Please feel free to call for a 15-minute chat to see if we are both in the right place and ready to go... we will know... THANK YOU.

What our clients have to say

"I am a holistic primary care physician and I am very careful about my referrals.Sending many of my patients to Jack Jones was one the best things for them, they all thrive and sing praises about Jack! He's very genuine, knowledgeable but most importantly - CARING counselor! I am gladly continuing to send everybody to him. Thank you, Jack Jones!"

"My son has been in counseling with Jack for almost a year and I don't know what we would have done without him. He has helped my son with several insights into his own behavior and created a safe space for my son to work through his issues. Jack most likely saved my son from an educational career at a reform school. He is now thriving and doing well thanks to all the efforts put forth. I will always be grateful to Jack Jones and the Lifesource Group.The office staff is professional and extremely flexible with scheduling."

"I have seen John "Jack" Jones for several years now. It started with a lot of trauma and crisis sessions, but now I just go in occasionally for what I consider life coaching. Since then I have been able to create a life of joy both personally and professionally. Truly a blessing. I strongly recommend this group. They change lives for the better."

"Going through my rolodex of awesome people and bam, there you are. Jack is awesome! So glad the holy spirit brought us together. Continuing to be present and aware. Never felt like we had a counselor/patient relationship but one of friends navigating a journey. Thank you!"

"One of his qualities I admire most is his recognition that you can learn and apply what you hear from us and other clients and use that to help everyone. No other counselor has readily admitted that. It's huge. All people seeking counseling are vulnerable. Jack humanizes the process."

"I feel the best that I have been in a long time. My mental resilience has become very strong. I've noticed the things that once stressed me and furthered my depression and anxiety no longer have as much of an effect if any at all. I am physically and mentally in the best shape of my life, which I believe have mutual effects on each other. I want to give my thanks and gratitude to Jack for helping me through a difficult time, and establishing a foundation that I can build upon indefinitely, one that has no definition, but is and has always been. For the first time in a long time, I am no longer afraid of my future, instead I am motivated by its potential. So thank you again."