Diane Clark, Certified Grief Coach

Diane has embraced counseling over the past twenty-five years. She has experience working with therapeutic communities, family counseling and substance abuse.

Experiencing the loss of her spouse has brought her skills to a new level. Diane understands
that grief is very personal and different for each person, as everyone’s life experiences are not 
the same. It is important to know that grief can manifest itself in many ways and each client is handled individually, personalizing every session. She uses the client’s individual circumstances to bring about self-awareness, reduce stress and increase emotional wellbeing. Client sessions can be conducted through office meetings, telephone or video conferencing.

Diane has a BA in Human Resource Management with a Certificate in Counseling from
St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, New York. Her experience with therapeutic communities, families and individuals includes being a consultant for Daytop Village and a counselor for Crossings Rehabilitation Center, organizations focused on substance abuse and family discord.

In 2019, Diane earned her Certification in Grief Coaching from the International Coaching Foundation. Studying the stages of the grieving process and working with others experiencing this dramatic change in life, has enhanced her ability to help others through a journey she herself has experienced. She describes it as “a frequently arduous and often-painful process of moving through grief to gratitude.” Her compassion and empathy have also been honed by being a very blessed and active mother of three and grandmother of seven. She would be most privileged to help you through your very personal journey.