The LifeSource Group has had several opportunities to be printed in major magazines.  Their logo includes the words LASTING RESULTS through SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY which lends itself to many topics of discussions.  The discussions and writing include topics such as counseling solutions for any age and all concerns, family mediation, parenting coordination and even custody evaluations.

Below you will find many articles that have been written by the staff at The LifeSource Group.  For a consultation on how The LifeSource Group may be able to help you, call today, (904) 797-5680.  Evening and weekend appointments are available.


Rippling Affect of Trauma

After The Storm

Social Skills 

Children Caught in the Crossfire

“Men are Stupid & Women are Crazy!”

Neurofeedback Works!

Acupuncture for Pain and Stress Relief

Are You Emotionally Mature?

The Beauty of Blame

Boundaries and Buttons

Turning Conflict into Joy

Do You Have Trauma and Not Know It?

2 on 2 Dynamic Couples Counseling

Serving as a Child Advocate – Guardian Ad Litem Volunteer

Compassionate Healing in a Holistic Approach

Is Your Child or Teenager Antisocial?

The Marital Bridge of Intimacy

The Paradox of Relationship Conflict

Surrendering to Silence & Gratitude

Thoughts, Emotions, & Experience

Do You Have A HeartWall?

Hope for Addictions – Recovery In the Present

Your Authentic Self