Amanda Swartzlender

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida with over 15 years of counseling experience. I have a Master’s in Community Counseling from the University of Hawaii. My early years as a therapist were spent in a variety of community-based settings including a forensic psychiatric hospital, crisis center and substance abuse facility.
Six years ago I transitioned into private practice and have found a passion for working with clients who want to live more consciously and with intention, break free from self-limiting beliefs and redefine themselves. A central theme of therapy is exploring underlying core issues and the resulting habitual thought patterns that prevent us from living the lives we desire.
I use a solution-focused style of therapy where we will create goals together and start to foster positive transformation from the first session. This interactive and collaborative approach often leads to increased insight and significant change with less time spent in therapy.
I typically embrace a mind-body-spirit approach where we will explore all aspects of your life to foster a true state of overall wellness. I am a certified yoga teacher and highly specialized in teaching mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques and other mind-body oriented tools for managing anxiety and increasing awareness. I have extensive experience helping clients explore and develop their own unique spiritual perspective.
I’m a 20-year military wife and mother of three who understands first hand the difficulties of work-family balance and finding the time for self-care. I see my role as a supportive, non-judgmental listener as well as an experienced clinician that can offer effective therapeutic techniques and constructive feedback.
My areas of specialty include:
● Mindfulness ● Anxiety & Depression
● Relationship & Parenting Issues ● Women’s Issues
● Codependency ● Addiction
● Life Transitions ● Self-Worth
● Motivation ● Spirituality